10th May 08

The eeyee - gogo 002, Shanghai!

Organized by Intrude 366, Zendai MoMa, eeyee is going to have his second trip in Shanghai - wondering around East Nanjing Road and the Bund. Happen that you are around, please bump into me and let me eeyee-intrude you!!

21st May 08

The eeyee - gogo 001 was successfully and safely performed under the beautiful weather of mother's day! Original plan was to have our trip from Location One to Union Square, but at the end we can only make a small circle via Canal > Broadway and return Location One in exactly TWO HOURS. eeyee has drawn absolutely high attention on the street. People (crowd of) play with eeyee, talk with eeyee and see through eeyee. eeyee finally found himself a mobile spectacle along the way! The joyfulness and bustle have been completely recorded in a video documentary + eeyee's eyes. Show will also includes photos and eeyee's costumes.

Moreover, if you want to gear up with the device and try to be "eeyee", you can do it in the opening reception or come to Location One in the time-slot of 4 - 6pm, May 21st - 31st, and I will present in Location One accordingly to "eeyee you up"!!

11 May, 08
The first performance of "Optical Handlers - eeyee", eeyee - gogo 001 is scheduled at 11 May, 08 (Sunday, Mother's day) in NYC. Please find details below.