Overview of eeyee's goggles and gloves.
  eeyee goggles and housing for LCDs and boards

  Four LCDs are equipped side-by-side in front of the goggles. The binocular display module was originally consist of one LCD on each side. I shamelessly duplicate another one on each side by "cut and paste", and finally get four of them align in place for stereoscopic vision.
  Two magnifying Lenses are placed between eyes and the LCDs to assit the brain to overlap images.

  A pair of cameras for the glove (right hand). Video signals from the camera send through the electric board to the LCDs via the 8-pin cable.
  Cameras are aligned in a stereoscopic setting (65mm apart).

  A set of identical out-facing LCDs are equipped for the social interaction. People can see throught eeyee's eye by getting close to the goggles and look into them.
  Early stage.
  Acid-green it!
  Screen printed eeyee's suit

  Early tryouts.